More to Come

IMG_0569As the title suggests there is another post on its way, I am just waiting for the batch to be ready so it can be a grain to glass post.

Expect an update in about a week or so.

Thanks for being patient



2nd post

Well one year in and a lot has happened, chances are nobody is reading this but still;

  • Some sours have been made, thats 4 so far.
  • Fine tuning some session ales.
  • Had to dump my first batch, (lesson learned always watch and old chiller).
  • Started moving cities.
  • Oh, and in January I got married, she puts up with my general brewing obsession/insanity and for that I am thankful.

Plans for the next year or so;

  • Update my brewhouse, new chiller especially (still sore about that).
  • Brew more, only way to get better.
  • Work on this blog more, yes adding photos is on the list.
  • Introduce more friends and family into the hobby.
  • Try to get a job in the industry.


To sign off I am leaving a shot recipe that has become something of an efficiency tester for my system, I find it ebbs and flows overtime I move house or change something.

The concept is based on a Belgian table beer or trappist single that is low in alcohol but flavourful and refreshing, this recipe was originally brewed in 2013 and has been rebreed many times since with mild variations. This one uses some advice from a dearly departed character in NZ brewing circle (cheers Paul, you will be missed).


OG; 1.044               FG; 1.010

Boil time; 90 min



Pils malt 75%

Wheat malt 25%

Mashed for 60 min @ 68C raise to Mashout @ 76



Pacific Jade @ First wort hops to 10 IBU (really any hop will do i just usually have it on hand)

Styrian goldings @ 10min 5IBU

Styrian goldings 1 grams per liter @ whirlpool (20 min)

Kohatu @ 1.5 Grams per liter @ whirlpool (20 min)



WLP 510 bastonge ale yeast @ 20C or equivalent for a more trappist style ale

or M27 belgian ale by mangrove jacks @ 24C raising 1 degree every day for a more saison style ale


Fermentation & Maturation

until gravity is stable (7-10 days)

OPTIONAL; dry hop for 3 days with 3 grams per litre of a 50/50 blend of Kohatu and Nelson sauvin

carbonate to 2.2 volumes either in bottles or kegs.


This also plays well with rye malt in place of wheat and if it is not dry add maybe 5% by gravity of table sugar in place of the pils malt to accentuate the dryness.


Always wanted to play with a brett secondary with a more earthy dry hopping, something for 2016 maybe.


Feel free to leave comments and recommendations.


First post/Story time!

Righty oh then.

This is mostly a blog about home brewing and eventually hopefully moving on to starting a brewing company.

If you have any advice or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me.

The name 2/3 brewing company (thats 2 out of 3) comes from my father as a few years ago when I first started brewing he sampled 3 beers I had made (a honey mild, a scottish 80/- and a molasses brown porter) he seemed to enjoy the scottish ale and the porter far more than the honey mild, rightly so as it was only bottled about 2 days earlier and was very very sweet. To which he turned to me and stated “Well, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad.” Being a somewhat broke university student at the time, I gladly took what I could get.